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BLACK, JEREMY, The British Abroad: The Grand Tour in the Eighteenth Century, Stroud: Alan Sutton; St. Martin's Press, New York 1992. Vedi alle pp. 200-201:

« “Richard Creswell (1688–1743) , a former MP, lived in Italy openly with his mistress, yet got into trouble for homosexual activity in Genoa in 1716. The British envoy Davenant informed his counterpart Mr Stair in Paris on 8 December 1716: "I met with a very dirty piece of business upon my arrival here. The 4th instant Mr. Cresswell was arrested by an order of a Deputation of the Senate, which has the inspection in cases of sodomy, they call them here il Magistrato dei Virtuosi. He was immediately carried to the prison of the palace, with a young Genoese boy he had lately dressed up, and nobody is admitted to see him. He has been so public in his discourse and actions that they can fix on him the fact above 38 times, in his own house, the streets, in porches of churches and palaces, in short I never heard of so flagrant a delinquent"... »